Every small town has that one house, a house left vacant for so long that tales grow about the people who once resided in it. When I was a kid, there was one of those houses down my street. Trees lined and blocked its front yard. Everyday I rode my bike in front of that house. I’d try to steal a glance. Maybe I would see the “Crazy Lady” inside. I never saw that lady but all of my friends have.


        With a small band of friends, a whole town to pull resources from, two dresses sewn together by my mom, an up grade from an iPod to an iPhone 4s, we made Jennifer Help Us. Like many ideas, this one struck like lightning.


       I'll never forget that first day. My friends and I packed into a house we had just locked the night before. The original planned location fell through at the last moment. As I switched hats from Director to Craft Services, and brewed the mornings first pot of coffee, I had a moment to myself. I stood in the middle of that house, that set, our future movie, and felt like the luckiest man on Earth. It was an energy I had never experienced before.


        The crew and I used that energy in making Jennifer Help Us. I hope you enjoy our little movie. It was hard to piece together. Damn hard. But we loved making it. Hit us up on the Twitter or Facebook. Let us know what you think. - Juan