Jenny Gorsett

     (The Woman) I was raised in Carrollton, MO, with a front porch full of banjo and fiddle melodies- we had a family bluegrass gospel band that traveled to hundreds of town festivals and little churches all over the Midwest. I spent a lot of time in my Mother's basement studio watching and learning as she made stoneware, spun wool from our sheep, quilted, and made rugs. My family taught me to appreciate all The Arts - especially Primitive Arts, but not excluding Theater.


    One of our favorite outings was a trip to the Lyceum theater in Arrow Rock, Missouri to see live plays and musicals. Although most of my stage time has happened with a guitar in my hand, I participated in many skits at various camps and school functions, and I believe my first named role was "The Secretary" in the musical "Big" at Carrollton High School.


      I went on to pursue a degree in Graphic Design at Southwest Baptist University in Bolivar, MO, where I participated on T.E.A.M. (Theatrical Evangelism And Missions) but soon found myself back home keeping shop and learning management at Shirley's Shoes and Boots in Carrollton. There I happened upon Mr. Juan Ortiz and Mrs. Kaman Burger who asked me to help them do some test footage for Jennifer Help Us... And the rest is history! I spent a year pursuing a solo music career post-filming, then met a wonderful man, and I am now a resident of Spencer, Iowa, the happy wife of Jeremiah Gordon, and a mother to be! Who knows what projects lie in the future!